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From QWERTY to Colemak

Eventually I made the move.

I type most of the time when I work. My left hand hurts from time to time as one of its nurves was cut in an surgery accident when I was a kid, and my left hand could not type as comfortably and fast as my right one. In my 20+ years of playing with keyboards, the pain keeps bothering me. Well I hope not any more, or not as often, after this switch.

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LinkedIn, the False Land


Possibly for anyone you ask what is the best known social network for job and talent hunting, LinkedIn would be the answer. I used to be an active LinkedIn user, not any more. Because LinkedIn has become a False Land, where people lie often.

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Three Software Engineer Levels

Recently I have been working with a wide range of software engineers on a new project. The experience with various engineers inspires me that there could be at least 3 levels of software engineers, when looking at what they are actually talking to.

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Migrate To Nikola

After about one year since I put on the only post in 2014, eventually I write a new one: the summary of the year (so shame for this only one...)

And then I realize Octopress, after upgrading to the latest version, doesn't work for my repo any more...Because I know nothing about Ruby, this becomes absolutely a heart attack.

After a few tries I decided to give up: I don't like Octopress in the first place. It is just only the first available tool that I found for static blog generation. It worked, but not now.

Later Nikola appears in my search result. For someone feels more comfortable in Python. Nikola becomes my next straw of rescue.

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