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God Might Be a Supercomputer

This will be a very unique article in the blog: it tries to depict my imagination of God that comes to me when I was coding.

God is a supercomputer, while we are just some little dum devices, some with a 8051, quite a few with MSP430. God designs and creates all of us, giving us the ability to run programs, which also by him.

God writes bug free programs, which are specialized to each device. There is no defect in God's programs, when the programs are correctly run, all little devices do well.

God loves everyone he creates and give them freedom. God loves us so much and gives us the freedom to choose what to run, otherwise we will be puppets that can only run the program downloaded. Therefore each device has the freedom to run whatever it likes, including those not designed by God.

God feels sad when his creation doesn't follow his design. God loves his creations and provide them the best (program). When we do something other than the program offered by God, he will be sad because he knows that is not for us.

The Bible is God's design book, from which one could learn God's design and know what his program is. By reading the bible we know what God's program looks like, and only when we know what is God's design we would be able to tell his program from others.

Knowing God is a supercomputer, we could answer many questions easily:

  • Why doesn't God help me even when I pray and ask for his help so badly?

    God has designed the best program for you and given you the freedom to run it. He will not help you because if he does he would either have to change the program, or force you to run his program. He will do change the program because God write bug free programs, he has offered the best program. No change is needed, nor possible. He will not force you to run his program because God loves everyone he creates and give them freedom.

  • Why do I need to read the Bible?

    You don't have to. But if you do, you will have a chance to know what God's design is for you. And you know what is the correct decision to make when you are facing challenges. If you know what is the right thing to do and do it, you make no mistakes and will not regret because you've run the program provided by God. This is because The Bible is God's design book and God write bug free programs.

  • I don't see what I am doing is wrong, though people in the Bible study group disagree. Can I just do it?

    You can do anything you like because God loves everyone he creates and give them freedom. You have the freedom. But if you choose not to follow God's program you will definitely make mistake and regret because God writes bug free programs. You don't see anything wrong not to follow God's instruction because God is a supercomputerAs little devices we have too simple instruction sets and therefore would not have the capability to understand what can go wrong and how. Simply follow God's program and everything will be fine.

  • I know I did something wrong, can I make it up by repenting? I have no time to read the Bible. Other than that, would God help me?

    When you did something wrong, your life is off the design by God. Depends on the mistake you made, it might bring you back by repenting. It might also ask for more to correct your mistake. God's help is in the Bible. The best way to correct your mistake is to turn to the bible and to do what it tells you to. Other than that God will not help to do anything, because:

  1. God writes bug free programs for you but you choose not to follow.
  2. The Bible is God's design book and you choose not to read.
  3. God loves everyone he create and gives them freedom so he will not force you to do the correct thing.

I am not sure if the above is truth, as no one could say it is wrong. But I find it logical and helpful to clear many confusions. Hope that helps you, too =)