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Keep Your Fingers Away from "ESC"

When editing in Vim the keys that I hate most are "ESC" (Esc, Shift and CapsLock). They interrupt my thoughts when I have to find the keys far, far away from the comfort area of my fingers, not to mention the mistypes like pressing tab when I mean CapsLock.

There are many ways to get rid of these keys, below is my recipe. No guarantee you can throw the "ESC" keys away, but I would say your fingers will stay away from "ESC" for 80% of your typing experience.

In your vim configuration file, .vimrc if you are in Linux, set the mappings as:

"map space to @ (shift-2) for easier use the record buffer map <space> @

"jumping among windows, with the arrow keys nnoremap <silent> <Down> <C-W>j nnoremap <silent> <Up> <C-W>k nnoremap <silent> <Left> <C-W>h nnoremap <silent> <Right> <C-W>l

" not to even think about the <ESC> key imap jj <ESC>

"delete a word in insert mode imap jjd <ESC>diwi

"capitalize the first character of the current word, in Insert mode imap jjc <ESC>b~A

" Swap ; and :, save the Shift key. nnoremap ; : nnoremap : ;

"page down map ,j <C-d> "page up map ,k <C-u>