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LinkedIn, the False Land


Possibly for anyone you ask what is the best known social network for job and talent hunting, LinkedIn would be the answer. I used to be an active LinkedIn user, not any more. Because LinkedIn has become a False Land, where people lie often.

A firmware engineer, who once quickly resolved a defect: the defect was found and reported because an assert was hit when an unexpected error occurred. Instead of identifying the root cause, he removed the assert. When I came across his LinkedIn page, I was impressed with his nicely built resume and his title: Senior Firmware Engineer.

There is another engineer. The comment to him from one of his peers is: he doesn't know how to code.

Yet on the LinkedIn page the experience he says:

  • he leads a team delivering products on time: while he only sends out defect reports every day, asking the engineers about the status of their work. The products were led by technical leads and product managers.
  • he leads many low-level driver development: while he is the only developer developing the drivers. There is no leadership in a one-man team.

Some good interview would tell if one qualifies his title or an experience is real. But these watered resumes mixed in others makes it hard and more expensive for companies to find the real fit talents. It also blurs the market value of quality candidates, as a simple search would depict a false image of more than actually available talents.

Lack of qualification has made LinkedIn a perfect place to bloat your profesional experience. It doesn't cost a dime to make your resume looks better than it actually is. Maybe in the near future LinkedIn would change its name to LiedIn and become one of the well known False Lands.