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Farewell HP

In the past two months when I read a farewell letter, I felt sad because a friend left us. Now I am writing this mail and I know, today it turns to me.

HP is where I start my career. You are who I have been working with in this company for 2 years.

To be honest, dedicated, tolerant and professional is what I have learned from the two years here. It is a great pleasure to work with you the talented, energetic and warmhearted engineers/managers. At the moment of writing all the memories come back to me that we were having fun on Fridays, that we saw an engine was smoking in the next cube, that we stayed up late testing and fixing duration issues, that we celebrated delivery of a new product. I will also treasure the time when we encouraged each other facing the announcements, when we shared all the information on job hunting and interview skills during the recession, when we laughed and cried in every party, when we feel happy at heart to know our friends are doing well in their new positions.

Thank you, for the precious skills and experiences that we learn, and for the laughter and tear that we share. This is definitely one of the best, if not the best, team in the world. I am proud to be part of it.

All good things come to an end. However, it is just another starting point for each of us. For those who have left or will leave, we shall pack up the HP way, with which we will lead a brand new life. For the rest staying in HP, please take care of yourselves and, the company, we have laid our dreams on you.

There will be one day that our pathes cross again. See you there!

Wish you all the best and take care,

Justin / Yang Huang